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3 tips to keep your new year’s fitness resolution

January 7, 2016

Keeping a new year’s resolution is hard. Generally it takes about 3 weeks to “fail”. Often the resolutions you make are too hard to stick since your goal might be a goal that should have milestone goals in order to achieve it.

Here are 3 tips on how to keep your own new year’s fitness resolution.

  1. Make a reachable goal – A goal should have some general factors. It should be written down, it should be set to a certain date or time and it should be reachable. So it should be something like: “I will lose 5kg before the 1st of June 2015” or “I will make 100 push-ups in a row before 1st of October”. These are both reasonable goals and then you tell your brain exactly what should be done. Write this down and put it at several locations where you perform every day stuff, like on the bathroom mirror. This way you will never forget your goal. Fairly often people set goals like; “I will workout more” or “I will lose weight”. These aren’t goals those are dreams. Write them down, make milestones and┬átalk about your goals.
  2. Focus – When you have a resolution set to a goal, you need to stay focused on your true goal. Staying focused is hard since working out is hard and eating healthy is also hard. You need to beat your own brain when it’s comfortable in the sofa or longing for a soda. A big advice on focus is to meditate. Meditating is basically practicing your focus. You get focused and calm. This is really helpful in your every day life.
  3. Reward yourself – Obviously I’m against rewarding yourself with something that you’re trying to stay away from. For example, you don’t get to take cocaine simply because you did a great job staying away from cocaine for a month, that’s just bad math. My reward is the feeling I get when entering the stadium in Mora after I’ve cross country skied for 90 km. The adrenaline kick is awesome and I’m really fit because I was really focused on getting fit before the race.

    Of course a reward doesn’t have to be related to your goal. It can be a simple thing like going away on a spa weekend with your loved one, or buying those pair of boots you always wanted. The simple thing is that you can’t reward yourself with what you’re trying to be without, that’s just contra productive.

Stay focused people!

New version is out, 1.1

November 11, 2015

The major things besides bug fixes are:

– 3 new challenges (whereof one aimed at cardio)
– Adding a countdown before a timer, while doing the plank for example.
– Adding sounds to the ending of timers.

It’s getting popular

November 2, 2015

30 day workout challenges has now been up for 2 weeks and has reached almost 1500 downloads. Looking at the statistics, there are quite good retention, meaning people are actually sticking to their challenges.

App launching

October 19, 2015

After some blood, sweat and tears the app is finally launched! I truly believe that his is an app that will help people out there get a habit of working out on a daily basis!